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Have you ever wanted to know what that manager, label head, booking agent, editor, or festival promoter would think of your EPK BEFORE you send it to them? Ever wondered why someone else's EPK keeps creating opportunities while yours seems unable of inspiring the responses your band deserves, works for, dreams of?!?!?
OK the EPK is an incredible opportunity to have a team of experienced music management and record label professionals analyze your EPK and give you the chance to tweak your EPK to get the attention of the music industry professionals you want.
The EPK is the single most important tool to introduce your band virtually to the people who can become your manager, your record label, the people who will ultimately get your music into the hands of fans around the world, and your feet onto the stages in front of them. Your EPK can be emailed or direct messaged, providing a snapshot of your band for their consideration. It's often a music industry professional's first impression of your band.
And first impressions are important. If your band is associated in that record label or booking agent's mind with anything short of excellence, the opportunity for a second chance is slim. OK the EPK gives you the opportunity to make the best first impression possible - have Outerloop Management and Outerloop Records founder and CEO Mike Mowery, and his team, give you the feedback you need to make your EPK undeniable so your EPK will be the best it can be when you are making those crucial first impressions.
It is said that a great book is not written, it's re-written. And I imagine you are constantly tweaking your songs to make them better before you finally put them down in the studio - often you are having your songs analyzed by fellow band members, cowriters, producers, and other people you trust.
But what about your EPK? The single most important tool you have for promoting your band in the industry needs just as much attention. Maybe more.
If you're about to go on tour, do you take your van in for a check-up before hitting the road? Of course!
If you're unsure about an amp or instrument before heading to the studio, do you have a professional take a look at it? Of course!
But what about your EPK? It needs a check-up before sending it out to the people with the potential to make your career. It needs a professional to take a look at it and make sure it's the best possible presentation of what you have done, can do, and are capable of.
OK the EPK will provide analysis from 2 members of the Outerloop team, looking at all your assets, prioritizing what needs to be fixed most, and suggesting how to do so. And Mike Mowery also examines some of these highest priorities, writing detailed feedback on the 3 most important and then recording a video explaining his thoughts and ideas. Mike is candid and supportive in his feedback but gives you the "tough love" your EPK needs to become great.
This is invaluable feedback from an experienced manager - one who has been pitched hundreds, if not thousands, of EPKs over the years. He's seen what works and he's seen what, time after time, doesn't work. Unfortunately for them, they didn't have the chance to have their EPK reviewed prior to sending it. They didn't have a second chance at a first impression.
You do.
Here's how it works:
Order OK the EPK and you'll receive an email from Outerloop Coaching within 7 days asking for your EPK. Reply with your EPK and within 30 days you'll receive a full report, going asset-by-asset of your EPK as well as the EPK's presentation, reviewing what works and what doesn't work. You get two analysises of these assets by two different experienced people within the Outerloop team and then a third analysis by Mike Mowery himself, in both written and video format, discussing the top three fixes your EPK needs - what they are and what to do.
The report also includes contact information for a number of people in the industry who can help you with your next steps and how to contact them.
We're very excited about this new service - OK the EPK remains true to Outerloop Coaching's vision to provide you with the information to make your music your career, and does so in the most direct method to date.
Buy OK the EPK using the coupon code OK127 and get it for over 70% off! This offer is for a limited time - as soon as we have too many EPKs to review in the time we have available, the price will go to its original price of $459.
We can't wait to see what you got!